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NEW - MUSICAL ADVENT CALENDARS...... and previous charity concerts / playing for charity

21.09.2019 News

NEW !! MUSICAL ADVENT CALENDARS - single line - treble and bass stave both available.

This is an advent calendar with a difference ! Suitable for piano right hand, or most treble instruments, this is something that can be enjoyed throughout December. This advent calendar with last longer than those chocolates....

Each day, there is a small part of the Christmas story to be read, with an accompanying fragment of music. Each day may be played alone, or linked to the previous day's music.It also makes a really fun way to do "the dreaded sight reading," either at home or in the lessons. This is not sight reading to most learners, but simply exploring a new fragment of music. Isn't that what sight reading SHOULD be ? ! My pupils LOVED the idea - in fact, we ALL contributed to writing another one...

It would also be suitable for a children's concert, where they can each play a line/fragment of music, as well as being suitable to read and playing to young children, at home or in the classroom.


On 30th March, my pupils gave a concert which featured several of my piano pieces, including a newly written piece for clarinet and piano early stage learners. The concert also included a number of new compositions by pupils, including some pieces from a book "Through the Seasons"  where each pupil and myself contributed one or more pieces of literary writing and a composition for piano - thirty three new pieces in total. The concert raised £216.00 for two charities, "Myaware," and "The Lost Chord."


On 8th June I completed a four hour piano play in aid of the charity "Papyrus," which consisted of my piano works, plus over an hour of improvisation. I recorded all the improvisations, and put then onto CD, which i then sold on behalf of the charity....£245.00 was raised in total.... two new pieces of music were written too: one a day or so before, the other was an improvisation on the day.... hopefully they too will hel[ spread the word of the charity. Proceeds of sales of these two pieces will go to the charity's good cause....


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