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10.07.2020 News


This is where my piano music comes to life.... 

....and where I have combined my music, with my love of writing poetry, and photography, to produce short videos that use my piano music and poetry, accompanied by my photographs of nature and countryside..... something very tranquil.... 

It also features performances of my single piano pieces, accompanied by a poem, played and read from  my music room, as well as  recorded PIANO IMPROVISATIONS..... and  "Concerts From the Music Room" - concerts of my piano music and poetry, performed from my music room during "lockdown." 

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POETRY  (July 2020)

As it says in my biography, I also love writing poetry... I have now created an Instagram account, to share my poetry, with others too.... subjects, as with my music, cover nature, emotion, as well as a sometimes light-hearted look at life..... they can be found on


ALBUM RELEASE !!!! (Dec 2019)

First album of piano music is now released on Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple iTunes !!!!!  


Look out for my magazine article published in first quarterly issue of EPTA UK's  (European Piano Teachers' Association uk) music magazine. I have just read my article again, after publication - and it it does contain some jolly good ideas in it ! Loads hopefully to be shared with, and inspire other teachers with things that myself and my pupils have really enjoyed.  I LOVE inspiring creativity !

"STARLIGHT" - for charity - NEEDS YOU - and your voices !

If you are a conductor of a youth (or treble voice) choir, sing in such a choir, or want to support the work of THE STARLIGHT APPEAL (for children and young people with terminal and life threatening illnesses) - download  my "STARLIGHT" written for this charity and please get singing ! This piece was written to raise awareness and raise funds for this charity ! It needs your SUPPORT to bring it, and the lives of the children, alive !


Concert for Charity  - 15th March 2020

A concert of my music and poetry. Nicky Archer - Mezzo, julian Barber, piano - I read my poetry. The concert featured three sections: the first reflections in poetry and piano music on nature, the second with thoughts in music and poetry on caring, and dementia, and the last, sacred music - an uplifting section after the intensity of the former. The concert was really well received, and raised over £100.00 for Dementia UK.


On 1st March 2020, my pupils gave another charity concert - this time in aid of the World Wildlife Fund, to support their work in helping animals injured in the bush fires and restoring their habitat - WE RAISED £112.00 !! All the children and young people thoroughly enjoyed it - I wrote quite a few duets for the beginners and all were successfully performed. It was a really joyous occasion, and "musical great fun" - age ranges: four years - seventeen. Ability:  a handful of lessons to ten years of playing. Wonderful ! There were new compositions from the pupils too - seven years to fifteen years, plus a live improvisation !

On 8th March 2019, my pupils gave a concert which featured several of my piano pieces, including a newly written piece for clarinet and piano early stage learners. The concert also included a number of new compositions by pupils, including some pieces from a book "Through the Seasons" where each pupil and myself contributed one or more pieces of literary writing and a composition for piano - thirty three new pieces in total. The concert raised £216.00 for two charities, "Myaware," and "The Lost Chord."


On 8th June 2019 I completed a four hour piano play in aid of the charity "Papyrus," which consisted of my piano works, plus over an hour of improvisation. I recorded all the improvisations, and put then onto CD, which i then sold on behalf of the charity....£245.00 was raised in total.... two new pieces of music were written too: one a day or so before, the other was an improvisation on the day.... hopefully they too will hel[ spread the word of the charity. Proceeds of sales of these two pieces will go to the charity's good cause....


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